TOP 5 Ways to Maintain, NOT Gain during holiday eating.

Wellness Hero’s Top 5:  Ways to maintain, NOT gain this holiday season.

 1, Daily Food Plan -Know your food plan for each day, don’t let circumstance dictate what you have to eat, verses your choices that could be pre-planned.  Going to a holiday gathering is great, but knowing ahead of time your food strategy for putting energy (calories) in your body can improve your control.

 2. Portion Control – Measure out what you plan to eat, use a small plate and do not stand/sit near the food.  Each feeding should have a variety of color & moderation.

3. Emotional Eating – Whether it is pure JOY or anxiety over seeing family with the time of year, be understanding of the way you feel.  Have a coping practice in play that doesn’t involve food. 

4. Mindful Eating – When you eat, challenge yourself to enjoy each bite.  Count your chews, savor the flavor, start the digestion process off on the right break down.  The idea is to slow down & be conscious of what you are eating.  Eating in front of technology can really take away from a food experience. 



5. Water, water water –..drink it constantly all day, especially when you first wake up.  Hydrating consistently creates a balance in many aspects.  Not only does it support digestion, but regulates hunger (as it is possible the body just needs water, but you feel hungry). 


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