Personal Statement on Physical Education (PE).

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Image  Maintaining personal health and being active have always been apart of my life.  Ever since I was a toddler I have loved to move.  Now as an adult, I find my lifestyle setting an example to others.  My friends and family are constantly consulting with me about exercise, nutrition, and positive ways they can make changes in their busy lives to increase their health-related fitness.  After realizing my current job was not a career for me, I took a step back to see what was most important to me and that is to be active and healthy for the rest of my life.  Teaching Physical Education to others is my dream job and that is why I am here at ILHS, to make my dream come true and to love what I do day in and day out.
Educational goals in physical education for me are simple.  Teach student centered learning and always put the students first in the decision making process.  A quality program consists of objectives that fulfill the South Carolina State Learning Standards and implements developmentally appropriate activities for everyone.  The standards include personal health and fitness, a safe and healthy environment, and resource management.  With these standards in place, no student should ever be left behind and every activity, game, or program can be adapted to include all students.  The benefits of health-related fitness concepts need to be identified and incorporated into every unit that is taught.  Students also need to be given the proper progressions starting in the elementary level and continuing on through high school that create a physically educated person.  School Districts need to work with all of their physical education teachers to ensure that all teachers are on the same page and working together to meet the district goals and state standards.  When a student is taught the same curriculum year after year it takes a toll on the attitude that a student has about physical education as being boring.  Assessments like portfolios, journals, and reflection papers need to be administered too, in order to check that the student is learning.  Testing (through self assessments, checklists, and rubrics) what I teach is crucial to the success of students.  If students are just playing team sports and do not understand how being physically active can improve upon a person’s quality of life then our children are not learning the basic fundamentals they need to have a for a lifetime full of activities they enjoy.  My overall goal follows exactly what the National Association for Sport & Physical Education (NASPE) who is governened by American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, & Dance (AAHPERD)) guides physical education teachers on what to teach, and that is to produce a physically educated person.

What does Physically Educated Mean? CLICK HERE.

The first step in my career has already begun by finishing my degree in physical education.  My personal goals will guide me to be a front-runner in the field of physical education.  These beliefs have been embedded in me throughout my education at SUNY College at Brockport and I take them to heart.  I will be a leader and on the cutting edge of current information in the field of physical education.  To always stay current on teaching methods and research by being involved with my professional organization at the state and national levels.  My education does not stop even though I have earn my teaching certification, but is a continual process that is always on going. Keeping the big picture in mind and not getting lost in the details that students come first is always important.  Teaching involves many different hats (so to speak) and staying true to the dedication of creating a physically educated student is number one.
I want to make a difference in every student’s life that walks into my classroom (the gymnasium).  By incorporating the fundamentals of “new” physical education with the attitude of being highly motivated, caring, involved, and being a positive person I can impact every student and make contributions to the field of physical education.


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