Top 5 Ways to be YOU, its Fitness Friday y’all.

Wellness Hero’s Top 5 ways to just be YOU….you already know, time to apply these simple ways to bring about changes that are LIFE rewarding.  Be you & be connected to your body and how to use it best for what you require. 


1.  Breathe Deeply (this changes everything from thoughts, to posture, give it a try several times in a row, I dare you to breathe!)


2.  Smile (this is a game changer in EVERY situation.  Just smile to smile, do it with your eyes open or closed, works both ways, try it!)


3.  Listen to your Heart (not only physically to its beating, but to what it is telling you about your true feelings, this takes much practice, but we all feel, so we all can listen too!)


4.  Stand & Sit Straight UP (posture, body alignment can allow energy blocks within our bodies to open up & obtain deeper circulation)


5.  Take time to Meditate (looking inward will change everything, sit quitely and just breathe (and maybe apply #1 here?!) allow your mind to clear and settle, then you will SEE!)


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