What is Metabolism anyways?

What is Metabolism anyways?


Your metabolism is made up of several key features.  Here are the 3 stars for the motion picture of your life, where the energy comes from….


Main Player role     – RESTING METABOLIC RATE (RMR)


Your RMR accounts for 60% of your daily energy expenditure.  Most of the calories you burn are for daily functions such as building and repairing tissue and supplying organs with energy to function.


How to improve? See both Main Sub & Rookie Roles as improvements with them directly impact a positive improvement with RMR.


Main Sub role     – PHYSICAL ACTIVITY (PA)


Made up of all activity you perform about the level of lying quietly and resting.  Not just workouts, but how active you are throughout the day.  Accounts for 10-30% of your daily energy expenditure (depending on the INTENSITY & Total Volume of PA).


How to improve?  Diversity is the key with the 5 components of Health-Related Fitness.  See this Link for more details:   PA Equations for Metabolism

The idea is combination movements that require more muscles to perform and which in turn can create higher intensity workouts.  When working with combining more then one component of fitness in an exercise will also yield significant energy expenditures for PA.


Rookie role        –THERMIC EFFECT OF FOOD (TEF)


Related to the process of digestion, breakdown & storage of energy substrates from food.  Can account for almost 10% of your daily energy expenditure


How to improve?  The more frequent a person eats (every 2-3 hours) the more food is driving this role.  The more whole the food the greater the energy required for absorbing, for example seeds & nuts raw (not roasted) or veggies raw demands that vigorous chewing starts digestion and throughout the process more nutrient dense foods will yeild to boost a persons TEF.  Image


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