How to apply the Law of Attraction.

Wellness Hero

 Daily Lesson – it is only possible to do this if you truly believe it is possible. 
Using the energies of the universe for power…as specific astrological alignments come into play, a person can place intention to focus, be conscious of and vibrate at high frequency during say like a full moon or other planetary alignments to send out that vibe.  The alignment creates pathways of flowing energy to come in at an increased rate.  Now (the present) more then ever, many energies are just waiting in the looms to help people on Earth. 

The law of attraction is enhanced so to speaks because of the universal “stronger then normal” energies @ play during astrological events, so they will yield better results.  Put out what you want to see back.  What you are thinking about NOW, creates what will happen to you in the future.  Always in the “now” (present…

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