Sugar, sugar, sugar…how much to eat?

Do you do any of these unhealthy behaviors?

1. Very picky eater and does not often eat nuts, seeds or raw veggies?
2. Disrupted sleep (not a full 7+ through the night)?
3.  Mood swings in unacceptable ways about meals and snacks?
4.  Daily/Weekly Fatigue & low energy?
5. Headaches?

Humans & Sugar are a BIG problem since we get it in so many diverse forms.  The problem I see, is a misunderstanding about how much sugar is actually consumed compared to the recommended amounts.  I am a Wellness hero who is an adult male & is recommended for a healthy lifestyle to consume a MAX 36 Grams of sugar for the day.  Here is a quick snap shot of just 2 food choices that I eat together for a breakfast that send me way OVER my daily recommended intake.  They aren’t unhealthy choices per say, but when a pre-diabetic is trying to be healthy, these could send them over the edge by 8am!!!

For example:  Breakfast:  8oz glass of OJ      = 22 grams of sugar
6oz yogurt cup       = 23 grams of sugar


 I have already consumed 45 Grams of Sugar during my first feeding of the day  I am not even full.  This is the problem with many Americans the consumption of something they deemed as a healthy choice goes very, very far from that truth as the consequences of doing this habit daily can cause many health problems that aren’t associated with the eating of sugar.

This blog post is about refined, processed sugar and the amounts that is recommended for a healthy lifestyle.  Of course we are all unique with our lifestyles, so these are generalities for adult males or females and kids.

Recommended Sugar intake daily:

Adults Male/Female:    36/28 grams per day
Children 6-16:              Less than 25 grams a day
Babies 0-5:                  Less than 15 grams a day

The problem is when we go above the daily recommended doses our bodies react in several specific ways.  These behaviors are tied to food, but in the end the food just creates the environment and platform for those behaviors.   We can always choose how we control how to act, but aligning food choices over the course of a day, week and month can create a better understanding of why we are the way we are when we choose EXCESSIVE amounts of sugar in our daily lives.

NOTE:  When reading an ingredients label SUGAR can be hidden by many different words like:  Sucrose, Dextrose, and many other Artificial Sweeteners.  GMO based Corn Syrup and High Fructose Corn Syrup also have many negative consequences as ingredients in many products.  Here is an EXCELLENT VISUAL AID LINK:


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