How to make a positive behavior change. Top 5 ways to be you forever!

Wellness Hero’s Top 5 ways to support POSITIVE BEHAVIOR CHANGE.

One positive new change in daily life will automatically replace an existing habit during that day with that new action of change.  For example, If I normally wake up & go right for the coffee my body responds one way…..BUT if I wake up drink 16 oz of water & eat a cup of raw broccoli for breakfast then drink the coffee.   The way my body will respond to that nutrition first will automatically shift my emotions & behaviors differently in a more positive direction.  Yes I still got to have my coffee too! That one NEW change of adding two healthy choices (water & veggie) will yield positive behavior changes over the course of that day, even if its just thinking healthier, as that in itself is an important category (mental health) to shift. 

Here are my TOP 5 ways shift daily choices to support/enhance a better you…

 1.  Write down what you want to do & read it daily. Simple & POWERFUL!

 2.  Each morning you wake, say out loud what you will do and why you are doing it (Intention for the day or Personal Mantra), could be reading #1….

 3.  Be accepting of all your daily choices and focus on what you are doing vs what you are not doing.  You ALWAYS CAN, just maybe not now….but NEVER say I CANT.

 4.  Research about your topic from many diverse sources, education is key to shift what you believe to be true on what you are trying to do.  The more informed you are the more effective your choices can be.

 5.  Get support, seek out others who are doing what you want to do.  Reach out & contact others for collaboration.  Maybe you could create a support network with friends & family, because power in numbers is so very true.  Ultimately it is you who has to make the change, but allowing others to be engage @ any level in your shift is crucial to the new daily habit you are trying to create.


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Changing is not easy, but by enhancing something you are already doing is the best way to start.  These Top 5 ways to support positive behavior change is only a few pieces to the puzzle.  Your experience is yours, but know that when you shift one habit in your life to be more positive it can create that domino effect in the direction you want to be in MAXIMIZING you WELLNESS!Image


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