Burn more calories, grow that furnace inside.

Change isn’t easy…..               Our Daily Habits & Choices

Humans are creatures of habit.  Both good & bad habits rule our day to day lives as we make choices about everything.  Thousands of decisions are made by the time we even step out of the house in the AM.  What does all this mean?  A person is in more control of their happiness then previously thought.   Not just happiness, but how your body processes energy through metabolic function.

Personal responsibility is over looked in the pursuit of daily life, what most consider minor details or insignificant choices are truly important small parts that make up the greater whole for our METABOLISM.  Link here to the 3 Main Players in what makes it up:

People who don’t even give any thought to is the simple decisions we make every moment, like choosing to smile from ear to ear will shift everything.  Or take stairs vs elevator, the list goes on to our options we have to MOVE and EAT.   Yet they are the same people who are complaining having a slow metabolism have NO ONE to blame, but THEMSELVES.  Be ok with your choices, but understand that every choice has an outcome.  Take the black and white perspective with your decisions, either it WILL help or hurt, speed up or slow down your metabolism.

The view I look through is simply this, my happiness is where I am?  Basically, I choose to be sitting here in front of this computer typing, so it was my choice to sit here.   Sitting slows my Metabolism, so I know I can’t sit too long.

This practice is easier said then done, I have placed much intention behind my metabolism.  I use to believe I had a SLOW Metabolism, but after gaining more EDUCATION, I now realize I WAS EATING WAY TOO MUCH Calories for how ACTIVE I was.

What is their to do for the average person who is out of practice for good personal decisions?  It all starts with one change, just one, start eating once more a day or start moving more today then you did yesterday and create that pattern/routine.  Water as your drink of choice, especially first thing in the AM.  Image

Also supporting to change is to specifically find out what you want to change, write it down, find support, and make it happen.  Goal Setting.  Remember everything can be changed from the way we walk to the way we think, the power is all in the daily choices we make…..


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