Wellness 101, what does it mean to be healthy?

How are you feeling right NOW?  Is that a narrow or wide viewpoint of your response?  Well, wellness is achieved within a human when all 4 parts of Health are in balance.  Those 4 parts of health are:





Each one is 25% of the whole YOU (100%).  All to often many of my past personal training clients are very specific about something they want to improve or change with their own health (many times in the Physical realm), but are ONLY focused on 1 aspect of just 1 part of their health. 

See our Wellness is all interwoven together with each dimension feeding into another part for supporting or taking away from.  Nothing wrong with a specific focus, but when the goal is aligned to focus on several parts and the education level of the person is to only see one, then the rub comes into play.ImageWhen a person achieves wellness it is because they have support, education, resources, structure and many other variables that support it.  It can take decades, but overall we are making daily choices to align with how we feel from moment to moment. 

I am a Wellness Hero for this very reason, to support others to feel optimal about who they are & what they are doing to be that way.  Health doesn’t come by accident and it certainly isn’t just the way someone looks. 

Positive behavior change is what I do as a Wellness Coach

Healing Energy is channeled when I am being a Reiki Pracitioner

Removing blockages within our systems is what I do as a DNA Facilitator


Help is here, but you have to ask….Does your personal wellness feel good?  I am happy to support your goals today!

Love<LIGHT>Laughter to ALL, Nameste.




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    Creating a presentation based upon this that will be available online, if you are interested in being a little bit more healthy, please follow & share this. Gratitude is the attitude. Nameste.


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