Basic Meditation tips: beginners & experts will benefit from these.

    It can often be a challenge to limit distractions to our mind (whether internal or external), but outside stuff like phones, tablets, computers, & tv can all be avoided for a few minutes while you CREATE (time) to setting that is conducive for meditation.

1. CREATE the mindset for clarity (connecting to your higher self)

    The steps it takes to get into a meditation is your RITUAL.  Can this be enhanced by adding some music as a chair is placed into positioned or lighting a candle while you hum to start CREATING that higher vibration.  Burning oil, incense or scented candles all can enhance the mind to shift into tranquility.  A simple RITUAL where sound, smell & setting are enhanced can support a more positive mindfulness session for you.

2.   Have a RITUAL that gets you in the mood

    Using the BREATH as a focus is amazing with it bringing in our life force and releasing what is no longer needed by the body.  Stress, tension & anxiety ALL can be vanquished using specific BREATHING modalities…remember the only wrong way to BREATHE is to hold your breath!  Find what feels good for you, but counting, pausing, speeding up or slowing down the air flow will create the desired effects the body requires at that time.

3.   Use a style of BREATHING that uses the flow
    Before, during & after meditation, DRINKING water will support both the integration of your session with connection to your higher self AND the release of what no longer serves you (be it thoughts or toxins within your system that come out during stillness with the body).

4.  DRINK water

These are just 4 are basic suggestions that can DEEPLY be expanded on for developing meditation in your life.  True answers for your LIFE are within you and only YOU can seek them out….well that is if you CREATE it for yourself to be that way.  Nameste.

Live enthusiastically,Image

The Wellness Hero
Brian Lucchesi



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