And Now for the REAL News: 80,000 March on Raleigh NC Feb 8th

I am speaking up & sharing to let my followers know!

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Thanks, Richard.

Yes, 80,000 people from 32 states let the government know they aren’t happy—and the lamestream media ignored it.

There’s only one reason corporate media ignores events like this. They don’t want us to know. Saying nothing, however, is the same as airing it with a wicked spin. It’s all designed to carefully craft a reality of their choosing for the automatons; to support the rogue federal government.

I hope more people are realizing that the mass media outlets don’t share the REAL news—they concoct FAKE news and meaningless, slanted blather. They do their best to slide legislation by The People and hope that, as in decades past, The People will continue snoozing and pretend they don’t notice.

It’s apparent from the many demonstrations, marches and protests these past couple of years in the USA that at least some Americans are waking up and are ready to…

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