5 Categories of Meditation.

Types of Meditations is truly what works for you.  When comprehending the many styles or types it is important to know the Mudra is the body’s position during each unique meditation.  Being connected to your higher self is an amazing feeling that I truly love about being human.  It is through this connection to your own higher self that meditation can yield whatever you are able to create. 


Here are 5 ways I meditate daily.  All have different energy flows, intentions, breathing patterns and of course experiences which is truly wonderful as I do not create the same thing to happen over and over, not my thing.  So here is Wellness Hero’s 5 Categories of Meditation:

1. Sitting

2. Laying

3. Standing

4. Walking

5. Specific Moving (examples are Yoga, QiQong, Dancing)

*Just like with exercise, when the body’s position is changed it allows a different unique flow of energy and shifting several pieces of this will create a whole new experience and connect access to specific channels. 

Please add comments on your preferred way to meditate and/or connect to your higher self. Nameste.  Image


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