Look @ your FEELINGS in a NEW paradigm.


How to turn something around?  First, have you felt what it is that is meant to be felt?  The focus of learning the lesson in the moment can be blinding to the feelings we have created within our bodies.

When a feeling develops inside, a person has 3 basic options.

 Accept that feeling serves them, feel it, meaning allow it to run its course because it is meant to be felt.  Healthy choices during the acceptance is important and expression through positive behaviors will align with your higher self.
Deny the feeling, which many times is subconscious done with us feeling like we
Release the feeling

This is where the work comes in, the challenging part if you are a person that has not taken the time to focus on you & what you feel.  Whether that is over the course of a day, week, month.

Allowing our feelings to surface with the mindfulness to pay attention so a person can consciously choose either to accept, release or deny the feelings.  Of course this take much practice to focus our thoughts on what we are feelingImage


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