ClimbFIT @ RockVentures.

ClimbFIT Training Class with Coach Brian – Add a High INTENSITY, CALORIE BURNING, METABOLISM FIRING, MUSCLE STRENGTHENING session with Coach Brian to your workout 3 times a week!!!

This class will apply all the health-related fitness components of what makes a person in shape.  Specifically, how to utilize your own body weight with simple equipment like tire, ropes, balls & others!  Regardless of fitness level, everyone can benefit from a muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio, & flexibility workout class called CLIMBFIT with Coach Brian!

Tuesdays     7:30 PM……………………..50 min.  duration 

A:  Warm Up (Dynamic movements focused on ALL Joints)         – 10 Min.

B:  Work Out     High Intensity Intervals Training (HIIT)                                         – 30 Min.
1.  Intervals of 2 min. with 3 groupings each containing 4 unique exercises stations
2.  3 Interval Active Rest Periods with H2O…..2 min. each.
C:  Cool Down (Flexibility with Stretching full body)            – 10 Min.

ClimbFIT Stations for…..

3.11.14 (Tuesday)

WARM UP (10 Min.):

Hip Circles >> Torso Twists >> Ground Touch Ext >> Elbow O & Arm Row
                         Stairs………2 MIN EACH

WORKOUT (30 min.) – 2 min. each station w/ rest period @ end of 4 Intervals

1.   A) Up Downs         B) Tire Dips           C) Tire Hand Walks        D) Lunges
2.   A ) Plank to PU        B) Tire Hops            C) Sledge Slams        D) Bear Crawls
3.   A) BattleRope Twists    B) BR Up/Dwn     C)BR Hop (F/B)               D) Frog Jumps

COOL DOWN  (10 min.) – Yoga/Athletic Stretches focused on Shoulder & Hip Joints         
                                           (ground movements)



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