What is a pocket of happiness anyway?

Have you created your POH?  One simple positive behavior change can yield significant progress on the way to living a lifestyle that is acceptable to you.  The application to your personal experience of existing & understanding that you are in full control of what you want to see is significant.  By creating a new way of thinking about your life in every realm can directly lead to life’s purpose and in the process create your Pocket of Happiness. 

I am a Wellness Hero because I place the responsibility of my Wellness (Mental, Emotional, Physical & Social Health) on me.  I choose to be healthy by my daily actions, the key is to be accepting of all those actions both positive and negative.  Everything starts with a thought, that brain reaction is a vibration that is sent out of your body to the universe as a signal for support is needed.  The universe is a great assets to have on your side and understanding the connection to all that is, especially your mother (EARTH) will allow you to create anything and everything you thought possible.Image


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