video The TWO powerhouse words, then add another…

I AM This, I AM.  These 3 words can be commanded by any one, at any time & shift everything.  Speaking with loving intention from the heart center in any moment is powerful, but saying that you are something and commanding it are not one in the same.  Speak from your heart center with specific focus & intent.

The consciousness of I am this, I am; means simply that you are where you are, what you think you are, what you feel you are in every NOW moment….it’s a state of mind/being in the NOW that recognizes you have created what it is you are experiencing.  Thoughts, environment, feelings, actions, people.  EVERYTHING of creation is in your control and thoughts are all created from choices you made (most of which you made in your head, lol). Image

That is why the statement I am this, I am can be used as a self check in the present moment.  It is the most powerful words put together in synchronization order of harmony and balance.  Every Human can do this to be powerful.  This is ancient information….

Wellness Hero’s Video on I AM :

I am Divine LOVE

I am Strong


I am a CoCreator

I am this, I am


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