Full Moon Energies.

The time is here & now with an amazing opportunity with the massive influx of creating energies that are upon Mother Gaia for ALL.  A person’s intentions & focus during this heightened time of consciousness can truly be harnessed with some simple practices. 

Using the heart as a guide for love, open yourself to the endless possibilities you can create from your own divine being.  Love is all we need, it will guide us to our most powerful actions. 

A few simple tips to enhance your life’s moments during the FULL MOON:

1.  Write: Journal, Blog, Refletion, Goal Setting, Gratitude lists, Intention lists, Thank yous, the choice is yours so find POWER w/ words

2.  Meditate: connecting to your higher self isn’t limited to this time, having focus & clarity to release what is holding us back is a must

3.  Use crystals:  They love to be placed out in the moon light for a recharging ceremony.

The idea is to be open to who you are and using the power of words, intentions & actions to harness the magnificent energies that are upon us at this time.  Nameste.Image


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