Pick a number…let’s say 13?!

The power of numbers, as the universe is expressed in these amazing mathematical alignments.   I am not a math whiz, but have noticed how this one number, thirteen has gotten a “bad rap” by the Cabal over the years. 

Here are some facts I know about 13….

13 Full Moons a year

13 New Moons a year

13 Signs of the Zodiac (yes, 13)

13 Menstrual Cycles for a female (28 days)

So why is it we has HUMANS don’t have 13 months in a year? A 13th Floor on many tall buildings?  Created a day that if 13 falls on, like say Friday the 13th this has some “creepy” message in it?

Seems like 13 is more powerful then the powers at be want us to know.  Do your own research, this is just the tip of an ice berg…


Happy 18th to ALL, LOVE & LIGHT TO YOU, Nameste. Image


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