Harness the POWER of Spring Energies!

What do you love to do?  Maybe it is many things that create love in your life?  The specifics of the question I ask you is directed to the highest you, so what creates the feelings of pure joy within your being?  What actions are you taking to actually love life right now on day two of spring? Go ahead, I’ll wait…:~) Nameste.

The creation of being engaged in what we love to do may need some time developing.  Asking these important questions to our higher selfs is very valuable to experiencing our life to what its true intent is, to simply express LOVE to EVERYTHING, which includes ourselves.  I would suggest as a Wellness Hero to do more things you love, that brings a smile & laughter from within deep inside.  Be true to your being & essence to allow joy & happiness to follow you where ever you go.

Happy Spring! The Vernal Equinox brings magnificent energies of rebirth in the Northern Hemi on Gaia at this time.  Beautiful frozen rain here in Rochester, NY.  It has been snowing for three seasons now, lol, we call that normal, but the Sun’s brilliant light can still be felt & a snowbow was seen yesterday!

Time to create the feelings that make you happy & now is the moment you have been waiting your whole life for.  Spring is here & springing into action for the simple reason of Love of life is an amazing reason to be living.  I live for love of life & share my passion of spreading love to those around me for when I smile & look you in the eye, my soul is very happy to see you!  Nameste.

The beauty of Spring, Create yours today!


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