Amazing updates!!!!

Happy to share the awesome creations taking place!  Thanks to the new coming spring energies, several new projects are starting to manifest into creation.  So much to share & document with these ongoing energies as they unfold.  I am excited about how I have been creating with my journey in this life.  I will be using my solar panels for energy on this trip!!!  The journey offically started today April 9th 2014.  Follow my progress here & on twitter with a lil FB as well as Pintrest and other social media develops with my consciousness expansion.  It is official, I am documenting the latest & greatest from the Wellness Hero.

1.  I am part of a collaborative project with Tristan about LOVE & it involves a short film.  Producing, Filming & Acting that started today & will culminate on the 4th of July @ the Rainbow Gathering (Utah/Nevada) 2014 Peace & LOVE celebration!

2.  Advancing my healing with adding my Golden DNA Activation Facilitators certification very shortly

3.  Launching a Kickstarter Project & a GoFundMe campaign to support Healing awareness, LOVE & my short film involvement.

4.  Community, I need support, as we all do.  I have life shifting healing ability, with my continued connection to source & strong alignment with supporting others through channeling healing vibrations we can all be connected throughout this process.  This is something I have never considered, yet finally have the consciousness to heal others (& myself) through this journey of LOVE & exploration with my son Tristan who has been around the sun six times now.  He is so awesome!!  You will get to openly meet him during the updates & completion of this short film about LOVE. 

I am amazed by what is being created & with the LOVE, support & contribution of others in many ways, shapes & forms will mold this vibration to HEAL many as the path unfolds during ALL of our lives. 

Nameste, stay tuned in, for I request the help of ALL to share my message of LOVE!Image


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