Truth about Life on Earth. The good & bad which do not exists inside our ascending body.

Confusion sets in as all these writers are spreading the truth.  Messages interwoven through connection on the consciousness of the internet, which is a direct reflection of the wiring of our brains.  The truth is in there, but the truth is never outside of ourselves.  We are born with the imprints of our families, instantaneously.  Life does not have good or bad, it has experiences and an individual will create how it is they feel about it. 

Feelings are rooted to vibrations and the basic two are LOVE and FEAR based feelings.  Again, its not about right or wrong, good or bad, its about what type of vibration are you in tune with and creating?  So, its more like high & low; as I create my experience to attract the high vibrating individuals because that is what I have created within my being.  Those other humans being kind to our mother Earth, loving humans with compassion for life and for what they are choosing to do each powerful moment of existence is more of my vibe.  

The truth is within you.  Are you choosing to create the setting you want to live in?  A person can ascend their consciousness, yet it will not manifest until they choose it to be so.  Life is amazing, life is good and I love life!!!  Maybe we are putting off the same vibe?    Let go & jump to what you feel your life is all about.  Image


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