Are you listening & feeling your Mother?

She spread the message of LOVE and it went like this…

Gaia is shifting everything on her planet at this time. No matter who or where, the vibes are being felt by ALL. Conscious or subconsciously we are developing new possibilities in this loving paradigm.

The stages of our lives that we are in are prime for us to capture & create who we truly are. Follow you passion more often then not & see/feel where that takes you. Taking the smallest action in a daily/weekly routine to harness the greatness that is within will be more positive then ever.

Earth Day is calling you and everyday your ability to create with your brain is magnificent. Whether small or big, creating momentum by taking action for you can be the best feeling in the world. Of course that will lead to more exciting moments as well, so that karmic flow is yours in the making. Every drop in the bucket counts.

Now with our Mother Earth (Tara, Gaia, Arementa) sending us the new energies as we move through the Vernal Equinox, it is up to each one of us to make the change in our lives that speaks to our true calling. On April 29th their is a Solar Eclipse upon Earth, we just passed a Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse together (Blood Moon) all the while we have had 2 Black Moons (2 New Moon in one months time) in (Jan. & Mar.) 2014.
Whether give energy to these events, they are influencing you, always…

Happy Earth Day ALL!!!! I love this planet & ALL of our LIVES!!!


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