How to Create responsibly with social media & kids.

I am supporting my son with engaging him with social media, specifically allowing him to have a twitter account with his 6 1/2 trip around the Sun.   A traditional journal will be going strong this summer for documentation of events and doubling up with the pen & paper, he will also tweet too!

We have an amazing summer trip planned (driving from NY to UT) with lots of details to follow in the beginning part of May during our Herkimer Diamond Mine adventure.  Image

During this process I am teaching responsible social media for a how to manual so to speak for other parents to follow.  I hope to seek out support and gain followers along this en-devour that would happen eventually.  Guided by the flow & letting ya’ll know where we go!!! Oh, we will have SOLAR PANELS ON THE ROOF to charge our electronics with minimal carbon foot print and again teaching sustainability too!  Love this life!!!


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