Thinking thoughts, the brain conscious of the brain creating new waves/patterns/paradigms.

Why am I activating my pineal gland? Expanding my consciousness requires practice, dedication, support and more practice. Because I know it is within me to do so, it is my birth right as a human to use this awesome power of thought. I am conscious to find the support for this to happen within my body at this time, but am I willing to do the work it takes or comprehend that time is a limiting factor to my belief system? I am ready.

I find often that many spiritual teachers are blessed with particularly good brain biochemistry and so are naturally more tuned into exalted states. Taking time to practice the creation of thoughts through progressive mediative techniques allows for that biochemistry to be there. Advice along the lines of feeling more love (as I often say to others) may be as helpful to the rest of non-meditators as a cheetah telling a tortoise to run faster. We may genuinely need biochemical help to restore our brain function to a level where it can feel more and the states of consciousness described by the spiritual traditions become reachable.Image

Potentially available to all of us are genius abilities – and also the capacity for deep bliss. At present our powers of creative consciousness are largely kept literally at a dream level. The more conscious we become the greater our ability to manifest our greatest dreams. Humans whose brains were fully connected would feel an automatic empathy with each-other and their environment and would create a happier and more harmonious world.

We are born with blockages in our energetic system and constantly create them by how we view ourselves and the world. We are all one (not separate) & unconditional love to ALL on EARTH is the new paradigm. All of humans opinions, beliefs, morals and constructs of the universe are simple vibrations called scalar waves which create how our DNA functions and ultimately what we create from ourselves. Rewiring the human brain is not only required for DNA activation, but only you can do it for yourself. A healer such as myself can give tools, assist with application, guide practice sessions, develop support systems & motivate a person, all the while in the end an individual has much inner work to perform to create the world they wan to see and participate in. It is within ALL of us to discover the almighty power we can harness with the focus of something as simple as our thoughts.

A human’s abilities are are AMAZING, so while you might have never been told you are amazing, it is only because THEY don’t want you to create it from it. Won’t see that as a question on a standardized test. For it would be the end of the world as we know, imagine Love, Peace, Unity, Oneness and create the world I want to live in. Nameste.


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