Shifting from only doing (old) to creating enhanced manifestating (new).

An attitude is EVERYTHING.  That was a motto of the first school I taught at during my 7 years as an educator.  I believed it then and even more so now.  Attitude is the creation on what a person sees, how they respond (action/reaction) and the basic belief structure of the current paradigm.

If a person, over time, say one year; reflects back on what they have learned, like what new habits have developed & contrast that to what use to be, well it is huge!   All the shifting in creating those new actions will develop a new attitude.  The reflection piece to see where we were and what we are doing now is very beneficial for comprehending progress, all the while directing new endeavors for the life ahead. 

What a person believes to be true can either limit or expand the attitude.  With a new attitude on what was once conceived to be not important, will shift everything.  Even people come in and out of our daily, weekly, annual existence based upon what we believe.  Image

New opportunities are in the air, breath and take a moment to remind yourself that you are beautiful, powerful and can change the world simply by shifting to enhance what the brain is generating…Nameste.


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