link Healing 101, it begins NOW…

Healing 101, it begins NOW…

 Many times in our lives we have to have the foundation of belief.  It is this simple creation of knowing when others around us do not know.  The consciousness of what can be created by something wonderful that has yet to be revealed. 

The time is here & now to support the shift in what we ALL believe to be true.  I am healing and this process is amazing, so powerful that I have developed many modalities of how healing can take place in ALL of us.  I will be sharing so many details in presentation towards the end of summer, videos that have yet to fully be captured, and most of all spreading the message of love from my heart center.

The link is to my first public project, it is my process of healing & teaching along the way.  As my son teaches me everyday, he is an amazing master to learn from; I am guiding him to use social media & powering that message via solar panels on our “dirty adventure wagon (DAW)” the roof of our Subaru wagon.

I can use ALL the support yall can give…sharing is caring, help me spread this message to the masses!!!


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