video Qi Gong for more ENERGY, 2 basic moves.

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People who practice Qi Gong are ABUNDANT of life force energy and vitality each day. When a person creates time to bring EASE into the body with attention and focus it becomes a POWERFUL practice. Can anyone afford not to take less than an hour of the day to CULTIVATE more ENERGY for your Body, Mind & Spirit?

Being in the flow with guiding, storing and CREATING more vital life force energy called Qi (Chee) is easier then one might think! Having more MOTIVATION, POWER & INFLUENCE on positively impacting your WELLNESS can be brought into your life with gentle, easy movements. The cultivation of MORE ENERGY is what allows HARMONY to be brought in to the body through basic moving and breathing.

Practice Qi Gong HERE!

These easy 2 moves will generate more power and energy then you know what to do with. The Wellness Hero breaks down 2 simple movements to harness the power of your energy system to rev up the Qi (Chi or Energy) to really feel it after only 30 seconds of moving!!!


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