What is healing & how to learn more about it.

I am healing, meaning to me I am creating new habits (full/new moon ceremonies, season change celebrations, writing more, listening more, FEELING more), wiring my brain to new ways of thinking (paradigm), enhancing my already healthy choices & most of ALL SHARING what I have learned to manifest through powerful intentions.

I have always kept to myself to be as private as I can about what I know & can do. I am a healer & have known this for many years. In 2014 (literally on Jan. 1) I actively engaged my true calling of this life’s purpose & that is to share what I know. That is why I am writing this right now, to share not only what I am doing. More importantly to break it down into simple life style actions that can be applied by anyone. Healing 101 is what I do as my new title as the Wellness Hero. I have to relearn everything from my first 36 years of this life and it has been the most challenging, while rewarding accomplishment I have ever made and I won’t be paid for my life’s work. The alignment with the simple idea of creating thoughts has changed everything in my life, for the better! I am still healing as healing to me is practicing daily habits that are created from feelings of joy, bliss & love.

Follow, share, read experience, promote, like everything you do!  Here is what I am doing in less then 3 days, yep solar panels are part of my healing as I drive from NY to UT & create love with peace along the way.  Can you help support this Journey of Love by sharing, posting, tweeting or what ever way you communicate to your network of loving beings?  Its easy & I would honor you if you did, nameste.







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