Healing opportunity, connect with healthy information.

The Reiki Healing Center & Lemuria Gift Store
Harvest Happenings and Fundraiser-Healing with a Purpose
Please Join us: SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28TH 2014 10:30AM–4:30PM
At: The Reiki Healing Center, 1939 Bennett Road, Victor/Bloomfield, Victor, NY 14564 Being held in the Center, the yard and the barn.

MINI TALKS on Health Issues. SHORT FILMS on Health Issues
READERS: Tarot and other, animal communication (bring photos of your pet)
CRECHE: Entertainment for KIDS (6+) while you enjoy your treatments.
All monies donated, less admin expenses, will be shared between both causes.

Therapists are offering a variety of services for love donations such as: Reiki, Massage, Reflexology, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy with Essential Oils YL, Zyto Scan, EFT, IET, Acupuncture, Power of Blessings with Certified Therapists and more. Readers, Mediums and Channelers.
Love donations for entrance fee gratefully accepted $5 (kids under 12 free). A portion of the entrance fee will be donated to the following causes”
Please help Alyssa Blish a 15 year old who is a gifted healer and a Deeksha/Oneness Blessing Giver. July 9, 2014 Alyssa was hit by an SUV while on her bicycle.  Alyssa has multiple injuries including Brain trauma, with many bone fractures. She is awake now and somewhat responsive. Alyssa is 15 years old, a wonderful young woman with a beautiful and bright future ahead. The family needs assistance with medical bills. 
Please donate for Paul J. Wheatley, a Monroe County Sheriff who has passed.
One of our Reiki friends, friend of Paul and family, she’d like to acknowledge his life.
We’re raising funds to support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Practicing gratitude for water becomes an amazing karmic wave of LOVE!
Practicing gratitude for water becomes an amazing karmic wave of LOVE!

585-349-3400 barbara.carlton111@gmail.com http://www.TheReikiHealingCenter.com


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