Shifts within the Autumnal Equinox, SUN / Solar Influences & breathing.

Let’s start with the breathing since we all are programed to perform this habit during all states of consciousness.  Breathing is life and allowing the breath to create specific vibrations can be a very rewarding thing.  Whether a person is stirring up their Kundalini from the Root Chakra or simply taking a deep breath to release tension, using the breath in many ways can yield more in tuned energies.

Here are a few styles of breathing that I find helpful for me….The Power of Breath

Utilize the power of your mind to place focus and awareness of the simple functions that are taking place within your bodies
In the moment experiences and increase the focus on the signals from your body
Mental Imagery, with channeling ideas into manifested realities
Focus within and let the awareness of your breath allow you to take time for you

Sit still with comfortable posture
Close your eyes, place feet flat on the floor, hands on your thighs
Take 3 slow breaths in through your nose & out through your mouth, force all that air
1. Nose in & Nose out 2. Nose in, Mouth out 3. Mouth in & Mouth out 4. Mouth in & Nose out
2.  In for 4….pause/transition for 5….out for 8 seconds….

3. In say 1 pause/transition out say 1 pause/transition all the way to 10 with focus

Taking time for you starts with your mind deciding that the body & mind will function better & that takes practice.
The more time you take to focus on you and increase your self awareness the more powerful you become.
Body/Mind Awareness can be performed any where for any amount of time & it all starts with focusing on your breath!

These styles of breathing are great for grounding during this high energy time.  Several M flare eruptions and a Cornal hole opening with negative charged infuence is cause for those in tune to be grounded.  Water and breathing are tool great resources for that.  Stay grounded with a stone, crystal or other healing modality for being true to your own wisdom and creating sacred time to just breathe….Nameste. IMG_5295


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