What is Ascension & will a shift in consciousness increases momentum on the path?

Ascension is still applicable, lol.

Wellness Hero


What allows for a shift in consciousness? It is creating the now moment of awareness that through thought one can think differently. This creates a different vibration and their for is now different. An infinite source of consciousness expresses itself through physical forms of our internal creation. That basically means pay attention to what you want to create for we are always creating with ALL of our thoughts.

I believe & know this truth very well. Universal Law will reflect back to us what we are creating. Law of Attraction is always taking place, a person’s chakras are always flowing in accordance with the scalar wave vibrations (within the DNA) that our thoughts have created. I practice this “rewiring within the brain” all the time for I am an energy healer. It is not easy stuff, only because we are NOT taught this in any modality in our lives. Our…

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