Top 5 Food Choices to Avoid! STOP that unhealthy action NOW!

IMG_5322Focus on what you do is always my motto, don’t sweat what you didn’t do. Enhance what is already taking place within your routine. I do sometimes focus on what not to do in order to support my health and that is what this post is all about. Avoiding specific types of food can yield a positive experience within the body. As specific responses are given off based on the types of nutrients or lack there of are going to fuel our systems.
Wellness Hero’s Top 5 Foods to Avoid and Why….
Microwavable food – Many reason’s can support this and the biggest is that the microwave itself is a destroyer of actual nutrition, whatever goes in, well it then comes out with less nutrients automatically. The idea is that store bought frozen meals/snacks are usually made with the lowest quality ingredients possible. Sodium levels are usually through the roof and the idea of just focusing on calories or another category of the Nutrition facts can be miss leading as many GMO ingredients are lurking. Just remember it is likely the lowest quality type of food in the store. Also, plastics that are microwaved start to break down and seep petroleium based chemicals into our system. Boo to that Microwave!
Non-Water Beverages – It’s not complicated, if its not water it likely has little benefit. A smoothie of locally grown fruit or veggies is definitely acceptable in moderation. We are a nation of drinking way to many calories. Fruit is mean to be eaten not juiced. All the connective tissues of fiber within rinds and pulp is too good to not eat! With all options every where, its best to avoid anything that isn’t 100% H2O. Add lemon, lime, cucumbers or berries to enhance with flavor if need be.
3. Ingredients You Can’t Pronounce

Does ferrous sulfate, thiamine mononitrate or partially hydrogenated soybean oil sound appetizing to you? Follow this rule of thumb: if a food product is made of stuff you need a course in chemistry to comprehend – or —if you can’t pronounce the first 5 ingredients, don’t let it near your cart.

Stay focused on buying whole foods comprised of only 1 ingredient. Instead of snacking on neon-orange cheese curls, slice up some carrots or celery sticks. Invest in an air popper and enjoy fiber-rich popcorn. Make homemade veggie chips: cut up kale, thinly slice beets, sweet potatoes or yams, sprinkle them with herbs and a little olive oil and bake in the oven.

4. Fake Health Foods

Fake health foods are those deceptive foods, billing themselves as “low in fat”, like Cheerios which has GMO ingredients and certain cookies, salad dressings or yogurt brands loaded with REFINED SUGAR. Look closely at their labels. To make up for flavor, these items are inevitably high in sugar or salt. Other tricky foods include packaged breads and crackers with labels stating “contains whole grains.” This often translates into considerably less fiber than 100% whole grain products. Mulit-grain is a fake health term as well.

Again, choose real foods (just grows that way) as much as possible. If it’s a sweet tooth you need to satisfy, buy tasty dried fruits, such as apricots or mango. A spoon full of honey can work too!

5. Canned Foods High in Sodium

Eighty percent of our sodium intake comes from processed and canned foods. In fact, many canned foods are so chock full of salt, they contain half or more of your daily recommended intake. A diet high in sodium is dangerous since it can lead to high blood pressure and many other heart related problems.

Instead of buying canned soups, try making your own simple versions, like a healthy cream of carrot soup or hearty lentil. If you don’t have the time to cook, purchase canned soups low in sodium.


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