Weight loss Guide made simple.

Your HEALTH, is about lifestyle choices and its a daily approach to overall wellness…

IMG_4496Most people I know struggle with their weight. These next few sentences are a cruel way of the body saying nothing is a quick fix & doing a little of everything is even better. Metabolism is everything, the body’s main furnace for burning calories. People that say they have a slow METABOLISM are simply saying they eat like crap & don’t move their bodies enough in diverse positive health impacting ways. A person with a majority of lean body tissue, will have higher energy levels, be more hydrated & furnace firing metabolism.

Here is a basic guide for healthy living.

What can I say about a healthy body weight….?

Exercise should be the 5 Components of fitness

1. Cardio 2. Muscular Strength 3. Muscular Endurance 4. Flexibility 5. Body Composition

How much Sleep….?
At least 7-10 hours a day for an year young to a 60 year young.

Nutrition top 5….
1. Water & Veggies for breakfast
2. Eat your fruit, DONT drink it
3. Protein from natural plant sources like nuts, beans & did you know veggies too!
drink till you are peeing clear, that’s how you know you have proper HYDRATION.
5. Make your plate as colorful as possible & eat more frequently (ideally 5 to 6 feedings a day).

Just working on a fitness routine or only focused on sleep will help improve daily lifestyle.  Remember your Metabolism reflects your lifestyle and it takes many months to ramp up to high levels, just like change in the body.  Too fast & it becomes unhealthy as the body requires time to adjust wellness.


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