My passion is to guide others to be well…this is how I feel.


As I continue to channel health & wellness content to all those interested, a shift from my approach is being applied. The shift is in the direction of knowing my purpose and my connection to ALL. I look at everyday as we are practicing life, are you practicing quality sleep, nutrition dense eating patterns, moving that body optimally each day? Life is practice, each day is another opportunity to do what we want with our individual choices. Purpose for ALL that I choose to do and I am responsible for my thoughts, which in turn creates how I view the world.

Now, let’s pace our path as well. Everything does not have to be done in one day. Our biggest obstacle is the measurement and comparison to TIME. How much did I do today? I find statements like that and many others to be harmful to not only progress, yet to the paradigm of change itself! The focus of starting something new or just the simple fact that ONE is so much greater then ZERO. Like one push up today vs zero yesterday, that is a HUGE shift/change in behavior!

The purpose of my writing is to be the best daddy I can by choosing to share my life experience with my son. These experience just so happens to be a way of life that supports being a healthy human and love based feelings. This is not the norm of what is found in popular culture, nor by mainstream types. My amazing soul mate, partner, girlfriend is an abundance of support for me to teach these basic fundamental principles of exercise, nutrition, and basically WELLNESS into day to day occurrences, as these profound topics requires much support from those in our lives.

Living life each day is a gift and adding numerous adult responsibilities, sometimes we get distracted from what truly is important in life. I find my family and health are most vital to my experience on EARTH and my smile correlates with how I feel. I want to smile, I choose to smile, my smile is supported by daily choices that allow my body to thrive. Everyone wants happiness and no one wants to suffer as the Buddha would say.

My intention is to guide others with this blog by sharing activities, ideas, and openness to thinking differently about who you are and what you do. DEEP BREATHE NOW! SMILE TOO!! We can all shift our minds to new experiences. How many parents out there want to do more, but feel a bit overwhelmed to do so? Let me support you and be your guide. I have been developing many health and wellness concepts to be applied into a family centered approach that can allow YOU & those around you to smile 🙂 everyday!

The best way you can support me is by sharing, as sharing is caring. Like, re-post, email, Share are all great ways to demonstrate you think what you are reading is a good thing. Nameste and have an amazing day!

Live enthusiastically,
Wellness Hero


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