Mental Health, how to have more POWERFUL Creations with the BRAIN.

028The more a person chooses to focus away from their HEART center (or within) with mindfulness, the more tuned in on the external vibration they are. Allowing our focus to be outside of our own internal guidance, that is coming from our soul, the more disconnect the body/mind awareness is.  Mental Health is equally important as exercising regularly (Physical Health).  The human body requires both stillness & vigorous movement in a balance and that will create wellness for that is life itself.
What do we CHOOSE to think about over the course of the day? Are they external thoughts or thoughts created & developed from within with an internal focus? All are good to have, yet what a person thinks about is some POWERFUL ENERGY. Ever hear about global consciousness?? Do your own research, and the Princeton study shows some amazing findings using modern tech to combined to human thought.
A person’s thoughts or consciousness is beyond powerful, but until that actualization is a choice to be fully responsible for their MIND, a person will often give away that power.  I call it giving your energy to the vampire suckers that will always be there to consume your thoughts (energy).  Ever heard of drama? This is just one of the many forms of distractions that consume our ability to be powerful people.
Keeping your energy, well that comes from within; to feel your TRUE purpose and go deep into your higher self (dimensions 4-15).  The ability to create from a still body with the mind, is supported by just allowing it to happen or I like to say “just let go, yes let go of any expectations.”  Of course it is easier said then done, as for me I feel it has taken years of practice to “let go” of everything from ideas that pop into my head that no longer serve me. Now, creating balance and grounding with my mind is a as simple as seeing a shoe untied and bending down to tie it.
Releasing what the OUTSIDE focus is with your intention can allow the opportunity to bring that state of mind internally.  It is huge to comprehend that a shift from external thoughts to internal ones will occur when a true internal state of consciousness is activated.  A person’s connection to their higher self is the destination of going INSIDE.  Practice is as life is, for be mindful to focus on where your mind is becomes profound. For it is the brain thinking about the brain and that in itself is a powerful thought!


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