A life of WELLNESS!

Proactive vs. Reactive Health Practicesare-you-ready-(1)

By balancing one of your four parts of health is good, thriving in abundance is when all four parts of our health are in alignment; we use a term saying that a person has achieved WELLNESS when all is in harmony!!  Of course this is dynamic, meaning that it is always changing and needs to be kept in balance with simple personal choices of how our daily lives play out……..

How do I make sound proactive healthy daily choices? An active lifestyle is created easier when support from those around you are in the know, seeking out the right know how, having the right information is key to working smarter, not harder with your personal health. Making a plan or deciding to live a specific way (with healthy practices) requires time, patients, and most of all practice (like anything we want to get good at). Allow the process to be what it is, a shift to wire your brain to make this new choice a lifestyle action!

Consequences of not being proactive through daily choices for a balanced lifestyle is basically getting sick and not feeling well. If our body gets to much of anything it will breakdown and balance itself out. Typically our thoughts become a stress that creates blockages within our bodily systems. When a person has an illness (physical health) through a blockages of energy, they also incur doctors bills, other healthcare costs with often feeling not full in control of what to do now that a reaction is required.

The biggest impact a person can do to be proactive regarding wellness. In the physical health realm, putting quality, whole foods through a balanced diet, support feeling well and a healthy immune system. Moving your body through daily physical activity increases the blood flow to all the vital organs and increases both a person’s metabolism (how a person process food through burning calories) and energy levels. Moving the blood vigorously is literally vital to balancing our wellness.

So who wants to feel better? It starts with what you do each day, take proactive, small steps to incorporate a healthier lifestyle for you to THRIVE!!!!


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