DNA Activation, part II: How to keep it activated.

Know and practice these specific tips on how to stay “turned on.” DNA activation is self work, meaning their are lifestyle choices that support a higher state of consciousness.  When a person works on their brain the possibilities become limitless to what can be done…are you willing to take a leap of faith and let go?!

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Part I has the foundation of this DNA Activation & is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED before/after watching this video & can be found here: http://youtu.be/ALuSg0YWrQU?list=UU20ZxHuoYUJkFkUf0ffjubg

Activating the DNA consciousness within your being is PRFOUND and something your SOUL will guide you too. Indigo DNA, Angelic Humans and more. Expand your consciousness with ancient sacred knowledge of exploring your own LIGHT BODY.

The Soul is always in the OmniLOVE presence and us as humans have this amazing ability to expand upon what we even dreamed possible within this life time.

Connect the dots within your body/mind. If you are watching this video, your consciousness has expanded to a higher understanding of why you are on this planet at this time. It’s truly amazing, so get on board and transform your life into a SELF EMPOWERMENT journey of LOVE!

More Videos of DNA Activation:
Part I: http://youtu.be/j8woUFUjoBw

Part II: http://youtu.be/6e1hTiE5Ir0

I am creating a series of blocks of content on DNA Activation and will be releasing much more content on this topic, please subscribe to my channel and LIKE this video. Love and Light to ALL!

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