Health & Wellness in a box? A new vibe on being healthy…

A person’s health does not fit into a box, the dynamics of life can be aligned with a simple definition of Wellness. Wellness is the balance of ALL of our dimensions of health and I believe their are 5: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social & Spiritual.IMG_2797

People have to take action with simple small steps initially to allow the process of loading our bodies with what allows it to thrive. Balanced nutrition is just one component of thriving, yet many struggle with this simple piece because of a lack of PRACTICING healthy choices since childhood……Various words get thrown out there like feeling better, this is healthy & more energy, then you have to continue on living your life wondering if what you are doing is supporting your individual goal? How does one do that, evaluate progress? Is it very possible to feel better by doing just one healthy practice?

Create something simple in your life, for example Waking from a restful night’s sleep with creating your HEALTH INTENTION of that specific day could be as simple as just living your life under your choices. The difference between what a majority of people engage in with daily choices through pure passion and those who make excuses on why they aren’t is simple. Excuse are like assholes, we all have them & they STINK! Point being your daily life is your choice and responsibility of happiness is on your shoulders. Create what you want to see, write it down & say it out loud every AM when you wake, see what happens then….

I cannot tell you what to do, it is NOT as simple as you reading a book or blog. It takes individual action like eating an apple that you did not choose the day before, cooking a nutrient dense meal for your friends and family, finally declaring to the Universe that you are going to do something that you never though possible….Maybe a choice of walking to a food market verse driving your car there??? Anything is possible if you believe you can do it!


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