DNA Basics & Global Consciousness.

Everyone reading this is a POWERFUL person!  We are born into a life of infinite possibilities and only we decide how we view the world.  That view is heavily influenced by many variables, yet as we progress through stages of our life, it is always for an individual to decide which program of the world they choose to run within their thoughts, views, daily choices, paradigm of the life being created.   Depending on your level of consciousness will determine if this message makes sense to you, do you resonate with activating your own DNA?

The world view is self created, many people can be apart of a particular place within TIME/SPACE and have complete opposite experiences.  Just like in school, some like it and are happy while others choose to create differently and again at a concert, some are dancing and singing while others choose to create a different vibe of little self expression.  The simple point is we all have life.  The 2 fundamental feelings we can express are LOVE or FEAR based emotions and with being human we are born out of LOVE.

Be your true self and explore your limitless potential through DNA Activation.


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