Is the EGO truly Edging Out God?

Do you know about your ability to be a CO-Creator?  The SOUL is also known as the GOD-SELF, so when a person creates the powerful connection to purpose of existence, daily life flows with the control of only two.  What we think about and how we breathe.  Breath and Thought are a human’s power house of shifting ANY situation.

With the human EGO, this vibration only exist within the MIND, it is self created and their for can be rewired for a new purpose if so choosing.  This is challenging for a person has to peel back the layers of the onion to create the deep connection to where our thoughts begin and how we are conscious of our breath.

I found this information to be helpful on my path of ascension and maybe your will too.

DEEP breath and SMILE, Nameste!


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