Ascension, Winter Solstice, Portal Activation & Christ Consciousness, WOW & NOW!!!

IMG_3128Winter Solstice is a special time of year and with the recent IS:IS Goddess Energy Portal Activation on the Earth’s Grid (Astral & Etheric Planes of Frequency) on Dec. 15th…new quantum energy is bathing Mother Gaia during this time of Ascension and shifting of the season. Dec. 25th will expand the Christ – Consciousness within us ALL and these videos are guides to others on what is taking place within. Our soul knows what we are feeling and it is up to us in the 3D to channel this wonderful Abundance of Energy/Light at this time.
Connect the dots within your body/mind is a path we are ALL on. If you are watching this video, your consciousness has expanded to a higher understanding of why you are on this planet at this time. It’s truly amazing and I am grateful you are watching, so get on board and transform your life into a SELF EMPOWERMENT journey of LOVE! Learn more with endless possibilities with activated DNA.

With the Cosmos painting the picture of what happens on Dec. 25th, you can simply find out in less then 5 min. here…


  1. You mentioned that you “take responsibility for everything that happens in your life” — I’m curious what that means to you? I’m most interested if you take co-responsibility for everything that happens?

    In restorative justice circles, whoever comes to connect about some incident sit in a circle and basically share how they were effected by the incident and eventually how they were individually co-responsible for the incident happening. And folks agree to action steps (which they may or may not do) to try to heal whatever disconnections were present that led to the incident. At a later date, folks get back together and celebrate whatever the outcome is (people taking care of their needs!). And update their group connection.

    In a certain context, I hold myself as being in a never-ending Restorative Justice Circle with Everyone. As such, I pay attention to the ways in which other people’s actions (or inactions) contribute to my needs not being met, and how my actions (or inactions) contribute to other peoples needs not being met. I find holding this perspective to be very empowering — holding the intention of co-creating a world that works for everyone, this perspective requires that I practice empathy with myself and (pretty much) everyone I meet (or at least, being open to doing that) — and to see them in their beauty and joy, AND hold a critical lens up to seeing their “shadow” — where they are holding onto pain, stories, where they are under the “subject” of other illusions, and so on. And I try to heal my own internal culture such that my own inner culture would be a healthy “outer” culture — one of curiosity, openness, honesty, care, mutual respect, desire to understand, desire to freely contribute to another’s well-being in “win-win” ways, trust, and so on.

    I see the work of healing the world as building a world where everyone is connected deeply to themselves and open to seeing how they can give themselves as a gift to whomever is in need — a world filled with skillful, healthy, compassionate, wild, alive individuals. This work is happening, and I hope that the words I’ve shared might be of use to you (whomever is reading this).

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    • MC~,
      Wow, great comments Sir! I loved the sharing in the last paragraph. To answer your Q about how I see personal responsibility is more aligned with the words you used, “co-responsible.” I feel my experience is definitely co-created. The personal responsibility is just like you stated, self love. A fear based paradigm including blame is what I feel is opposite of the love base omni love presence supporting “personal responsibility.” Acceptance of all for that personal responsibility is that we are all of the same.

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  2. hello love. how can i learn about gateways, portals and energy that we have available yearly on the world? Is there an specific book or person that can help me to learn this topics?


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