Quantum Energy Field, Vibrational Frequency of Sharing, Soul Connection.

The vibes on mother Gaia are at an all time unique frequency.  As the 5D settles with those in the know and resonating with level of consciousness, then this post is for you!  The little messages our soul delivers to our 3D selves are in a flow that can be as unique as each one of us are within this existence.  The frequency of each thought is profound, global consciousness is an amazing LIGHT to be connected to and aligning with the vibe of sharing can yield profound resonance through the Law of Attraction.  I have heard that sharing is caring, so when something resonates with my being, it always gets a boost from my attention through in the world web we like, heart, thumbs up, share, comment, repost and each of these represents connections to who we are.

DNA activation within a person will effect Global Consciousness and continue the vibe of LOVE within, through and around EARTH. This is the essence of sharing.  Raising our individual vibration and moving consciousness up a level is up to the daily choices of which program (thoughts) we are running on that day, whether it be directly connected to our higher self for self empowerment or operating a program of low vibes where we create grumpy & cranky PERSONA to the world. Self work is going within the Quantum level of thought forms where the hemi-synch of your brain is unified as one, in balance.  Truly pround self work.

Please, LIKE, SHARE, CoMMENT or rePOST and continually be connected to the greatest you, your SOUL!


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