Full Moon Energy & Daily Choices, how to enhance this opportunity.

Welcome to the second Full Moon of 2015, can you feel the power within, through & around?  Well, if the moon grabs your attention, whether you see it or the words simply show up on the calender, then that is a special message.  Of course it is individually up to us to not only be paying attention (mindfulness), & yet to be OPEN to receive this or any message for our 3D being is special.

Placing intentions with thoughts before the Moon being in its most reflective state from the Sun’s energies can yield some new vibrations for daily opportunities.  Imagine having the “in the know” knowledge about  enhanced moments to capitalized on the cosmic wave available to ALL on the planet during Ascension?!   Well, this is NOW & the sacred ancient knowledge of Moon Energies is happening and I am only sharing out of my LOVE for ALL being on the planet at this time.  My soul aligns my body with the Full Moon and with that I start to take action…

Crystal Grid Work was carried out in the form of a 3 step process.  Now much more details are not listed, yet the basics are very simple and anyone with an imagination can do this, even with just one crystal :).

1.  Gather all stones, crystals & items of high vibrational energy.

2.  Create Sacred Geometry Patterns (inside or better yet outside under the MOON LIGHT!)

3.  Write or State the intention of what you would like to happen from this ritual/ceremony

For this Full Moon, it will be the 1st time several of my crystals have been under it’s light for 2015.  A clearing, infusing of light & programming to allow future opportunities was my intent.  Nameste.  IMG_3126



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