Does DNA contain codes for the PURPOSE of life? Can it change through dna activation?

DNA Activation is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for deeper self exploration, so if you desire more wellness and have been curious about how real change occurs then keep reading.
Connecting the dots within your body/mind is a process. Being of sound body & mind takes true self work and If you are reading this blog then your consciousness has expanded to a higher understanding of why you are on this planet at this time. It’s truly amazing, so get on board and transform your life into a SELF EMPOWERMENT journey of LOVE!

Activating the DNA consciousness within your being is PRoFOUND and something your SOUL will guide you too.  Expand what has been true for you during your life and allow your consciousness to reconnect with ancient sacred knowledge of exploring your own LIGHT BODY.

The Soul is always in the OmniLOVE presence and us as humans have this amazing ability to expand upon what we even dreamed possible within this life time.

Connect the dots within your body/mind here: 

Please comment, like and share, well if you do your power just moved up a level.  Gratitude of Love for you, Nameste.



  1. I love what you are doing here! Have you ever heard of DNA Demystified by Kishori Aird. This is what I think of when I hear you talk. I know a lot of people have different methods for this. Another is using alchemical oils on the acupoints…like Almine does with her fragrance alchemy DNA activation.I love hearing the different perspectives of this important work…and how they all flow together!

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    • Wonderful for you sharing this comment! Yes, working with universal life force energy has so many possibilities for practicing. The idea as always is balance & diversity is good! I have not explored Demystified yet, but look forward to learning about it! I am grateful to continue to provide more connections to everyday wellness with the DNA work I am creating, as that is my previous background before opening up to this amazing work (life). Live enthusiastically StasiaBliss, Nameste!!!


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