FREE Wellness 101 Presentation Details, 2.22.15 Enhance your POWER!

FREE Energy BOOST with Wellness 101 tonight!!! Participate from home. Sun, Feb 22, 7:30 PM EST

are-you-ready-(1) I have to share this power message about the WTF series. Wellness Truth Finally has a NEW Wellness 101 presentation that is FREE to EVERYONE tonight! Anyone can boost their HEALTH IMMEDIATELY by applying what is revealed!!! Here is my FREE opportunity for you and its called Wellness 101 and it will be presented LIVE tonight. During my FREE WELLNESS 101 presentation later today, I will give away POWERFUL life enhancing practices that can be used anywhere. ENHANCE the connection to each of the five dimensions of your  personal WELLNESS. Today each person will LEARN & APPLY POSITIVE behavior change through a few simple ACTIONS EVERYONE we will do collectively as a group. For ALL 5 Dimensions of WELLNESS connected creates TRUE EDUCATION that can be directly applied and will be during tonight’s FREE Education presentation by a MASTER EDUCATOR. I am here to create a change in the paradigm of how personal WELLNESS is FELT. I want people to have the simple tools to enhance all areas of their personal HEALTH. No matter what your AGE or condition this is an FANTASTIC FREE way to boost your WELLNESS knowledge. An hour of your LIFE with the WELLNESS Hero who is Brian Lucchesi can shift your personal knowledge and understanding of what it means to be HEALTHY. WTF (Wellness Truth Finally) Education Series has been created by the Wellness Hero. An amazing opportunity is here for those attending Wellness 101 tonight. Enhanced learning is available to all who participate in this live presentation today. This FREE Webinar is all about personal self empowerment in order to create positive behavior change in any of the 5 dimensions of WELLNESS. EVERYONE will have learned something NEW by the end on how to enhance their own personal WELLNESS. This is a results based webinar and here are a just a few OUTCOMES participants will have: The interwoven connection between: Spiritual Health, Mental Health, Social Health, Emotional Health and Physical Health. Feel IMMEDIATE positive change through a SELF EMPOWERMENT technique of Spiritual Health for enhancement of daily life! Shift your personal wellness knowledge for what you were never taught in school and make the connection of all the dimensions of wellness for REAL CHANGE for good. Connect to the area of your WELLNESS where their is a blockage that requires a clearing. If you are even curious about learning how to THRIVE in your own personal life, then WELLNESS 101 is for you. Please join WELLNESS 101 presented by the Wellness Hero from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Click this link to join 2.22.15 @ 7:30pm EST You can also dial in using your phone. US (Long distance) +1 (646) 749-3131 Access Code: 393-136-149 More phone numbers:


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