True Wellness, DNA Activation, Lifestyle of Abundance with Joy & Peace, WOW!!!

My purpose is to support the healing of humanity & that is why I created Wellness Hero in 2011.
Right now more then ever we can all use a reminder on what WELLNESS truly is.  I am a former HEALTH & PHYSICAL EDUCATOR who shifted into a Wellness & Health Coach all the while being a personal FITNESS trainer.  A fusion occurred when I opened to the possibility that Wellness had a 5th part, Spiritual Health and I learned something amazing. A shift in my consciousness on WELLNESS occurred when I ACTIVATED my DNA & this changed everything!!!

Thousands of my previous clients and students STRUGGLED to do one simple thing, make a POSITIVE BEHAVIOR CHANGE that CREATED the habit and/or healthy lifestyle they wanted.  Making a CHANGE for GOOD is an AMAZING accomplishment.  What I offer in this FREE WELLNESS 101 presentation is a life enhancing opportunity to IMPACT PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL and MENTAL HEALTH that is unlike any other. The TRUTH about WELLNESS is presented and the boost in momentum CREATED for ALL areas of your WELLNESS is FELT immediately!

During my FREE WELLNESS 101 presentation I will give away POWERFUL life enhancement practices for each of the five dimensions of personal WELLNESS.  Each person will LEARN specifics on how to apply POSITIVE behavior change through a few simple ACTIONS EVERYONE can do.  For ALL 5 Dimensions of WELLNESS I break down and pull out TRUE EDUCATION that can be directly applied and IS very real as well as this is FREE Education presentation by a MASTER EDUCATOR.

I am here to create a change in the paradigm of how WELLNESS is applied.  I want people to have the simple tools to enhance all areas of their personal HEALTH.  No matter what your AGE or condition this is an FANTASTIC FREE way to boost your WELLNESS knowledge.  An hour of your LIFE with the WELLNESS Hero who is Brian Lucchesi can shift your personal knowledge and understanding of what it means to be HEALTHY.


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