Solar Eclipse~New MOON~Vernal Equinox, Energy of Abundance!!!


UPDATE on Lunar Eclipse & Full Moon: Grounding Techniques with Qi Gong

Can we say special energy is upon the planet right now? Time to align with the energy that is available to all of us. 2015 is a year of ACTION and to have cosmic alignment of support right now is PURE ABUNDANCE. Creating & following what truly feels good during daily action is the best way to work with these energies of limitless possibilities. Often I hear, “I am not sure how to work with energy?” Taking action is using energy and spending too much time THINKING and not doing is the opposite of working with the energy of this cosmic alignment.

Vernal Equinox is a time to SPRING forward with projects, dreams, intentions and desires for you in this lifetime. This is why we are here in the NOW, to be part of this amazing wave of support and guidance that is provided with this shift of the season in 2015. The Equinox creates a BALANCE of LIGHT & DARK for both Hemispheres on Gaia. Releasing old habits, patterns and beliefs is optimal right now. The action is LIVING ANEW, so take some time during the next 48 hours (March 19th, BIG DAY 20 & 21st) to align with what you want your life to be. Only you can take ACTION for you, yet the SUPPORT is ALL around! Of course it is mandatory to ask for HELP if needed and this simply starts with asking your highest self. Both asking questions and taking action can only be done by one person, YOU!

The Solar Eclipse on 3.20.15 is #61 of 71 in the cycle of this family of eclipses. The cycle started in 933 and will end in the year 2195, so we have 10 left. The next time the Equinox & Eclipse will be in the same alignment as we are under right now, will not be until 2034. The balance created with his opportunity in our individual life’s is HUGE!!! The past 2 weeks have been preparing us for NOW to create the FULL alignment of daily choices for creating the PURPOSE of our LIFE.

A SUPER NEW MOON will be supporting and honoring new intentions for action. Help is all around and, again, it requires asking to be able to receive it fully. Are you a master of your domain, do you allow others in to what you are creating with your life? The new moon is a great time to be planting seeds with being in alignment on our PURPOSE. Expect Success, create positive action and release thoughts & feelings that are unbecoming of your LIGHT!

Now is the time for I AM, and ALL the I AMs that there are. I AM activates healing energy within, through & around our bodies. The auric field truly gets amped up when the words I AM are vibrated, for universal support creates this to be. I AM divine love. I AM abundance. I AM sharing my heart centered love for life…..I AM this, I AM.

Nameste & live enthusiastically,

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