World Water Day, Heal Water, Connect with Others, #LoveWater #ROCWater


World Water Day is an opportunity to HONOR a SACRED & ANCIENT CONNECTION to LIFE. World wide, one race gathers, the HUMAN RACE, for we share, equally in the responsibility to be stewards of the land and water keepers. Gathering are taking place on March 22nd in groups large and small to share in the consciousness of healing the water on this planet. MILLIONS will CONNECT their THOUGHTS to WATER through CEREMONY, DANCING, SINGING, PLAYING MUSIC, BATHING, MEDITATING, DRINKING and an endless potential of activities to CELEBRATE this precious resource. #LoveWATER #ROCWater for Rochester, NY and the Planet.

WHAT is HAPPENING at the Port of Rochester?

1. Call to Action, Connecting & Opening Ceremonies.

2. Shake it UP, move the water in the body (Healthy, Flowing Movements to honor water in our bodies (10 minutes. light moderate physical activity of dancing, Qi Gong, gentle stretches).

3. Connect through CIRCLE for opportunity to share with EVERYONE.

4. Guided Water Meditation for World Water Healing (10 minutes.  Both Individual or Group option)

5. Closing of WWD in ROC – Connect TO ACTION with how to be more involved with Healing Water.
HOW can you take ACTION?

A. Be at the event (Outside Port Terminal on the Genesee River Pier) for about an hour
B. Share the event through your social media outlets, provide links, email, FB, Twitter ect. Send out the info for others to see in your network is an easy way to take action.  You never know who wants in on an opportunity to be outside during this new Spring Season that is upon us.
C. Connect to WATER where ever you are to UNIFY with OTHERS in both the Community & World, Local & Global.

World Water Day @ Port of Rochester! Wellness Heros Unify #LoveWater

Sunday, Mar 22, 2015, 3:00 PM

The Port of Rochester Terminal Building
1000 N. River Street Rochester, NY

7 Wellness Heros Went

Details of EVENT on March 22nd in Rochester Water Day Info:

Check out this Meetup →

Create a sacred moment on March 22 2015 for LIFE on this WATER PLANET!!!

Master MC ~ Wellness Hero Brian Lucchesi

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