World Water Day Words of Wisdom by WellnessHero.

For World Water Day at the Port of Rochester, NY on March 22nd, this is what I created and said.  It was important for me to be in a leadership role as we all represent water.  Water is life and everyday we can conciously influence and heal the water on this planet.  I am honored and blessed to share the words I used at Rochester NY on the Genesee River where it flows into the great Lake Ontario.  It was an amazing ceremony and sharing is caring, enjoy!  #RocWater #LoveWater #WWD2015 #Nameste

Circle up, Time is NOW for World Water Day in Rochester to begin!!! 2nd Annual Event!!!

I am about connecting others to Spiritual Health to enhance personal Wellness. I am the Wellness Hero & my name is Brian Lucchesi. Today is about Water. The Water in you, the water in the river, the water that is everything, the water of life. We simply connect to be mindful of what we turn to when we CLEAN, COOK and all daily life. Water is Intelligent, it RESPONDS to focused energy, it can hold intention. Supporting Clean Optimal Water is required for VIBRANT HEALTH. It is my Mission as an Indigo to support others on clarifying how to CONNECT to this WATER that is everywhere we go. We are WATER!
We are one RACE, Human Race and the BIGGEST TOP Problem we face as a Global Society is the planets pollution of water sources. The Fresh water like LO & GR is being polluted with chemicals, toxins, heavy metals, and pharmaceutical drugs. Our oceans are trashed with plastic waste, it is not the healthiest picture…Similarly, out bodies vibrate with toxic emotions and the flow of energy is often clogged up with old waste. We need to clear this picture up and TODAY, RIGHT NOW WE ARE ALL TAKING ACTION. This is Healthy, This is Wellness, This is Community, THIS is Sharing, it is WWD2015 CHEER FOR IT….Today here is the plan:

Today the idea is this…Next up is CIRCLE to Share, Introduce, Connect and just be Connected

Then some simple 13 Joint Movements that will be about 10 min…Qi Gong Style with some gentle stretches and synch up breathing patterns.

Then: A guided meditation or if you like be on your own for about 10 minutes
Finally we will close this ceremony

Meditation: This is NOW a time to connect within ourselves to our SPIRITUAL HEALTH. Take several DEEP belly breaths to ground your thoughts into your body, breath in the life force energy, breath in the WATER of respiration, breath in Gratitude of the magical connection within your body. Bring in the I AM presence with your next breath…..I am Water….I am Life….I am Balance….I am Connected…..I am Healing….I am healthy…..I am wellness…I am Water…..I am this, I AM! Breath with EASE and allow your body to be fully intone with the energy that is within, through and around you…place your energy @ your heart center. The life force of our energy that requires water. Water is why we are always here, within our heart to LOVE. Bring this energy of LOVE from your heart center up & down your spine through your energy field within your body to feel the flow of QI that your are connected to. Move this energy below your feet, deep into the Earths Heart, feel this connection with your MOTHER EARTH, she supports your feet right now, Her water brings connection of life its self…

Be more involved with learning about your personal Wellness in Rochester, NY with the Wellness Hero

World Water Day @ Port of Rochester! Wellness Heros Unify #LoveWater

Sunday, Mar 22, 2015, 3:00 PM

The Port of Rochester Terminal Building
1000 N. River Street Rochester, NY

7 Wellness Heros Went

Details of EVENT on March 22nd in Rochester Water Day Info:

Check out this Meetup →

Closing: What has taken place within US together is profound, yet individually you have connected deeper to your Spiritual Healh and ANEW relationship with your Mother EARTH & OUR WATER. WE are WATER, We are CHANGING this relationship. Stay CONNECTED, Stay GROUNDED, Use the POWER of your THOUGHTS to SHIFT thinking into ANEW WAY this SPRING. I am the Wellness HERO and it is my mission to connect & share with others. I am a powerful voice and I am here today to empower myself to take further ACTION. I am the Earth, I am the Water for without the RELATIONSHIP of living in Balance, LIFE IS NOT POSSIBLE and I KNOW ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, Believe, UNITE, BE PEACE, BE JOY, BE LOVE. THANK YOU

r bringing your WATER to this profound moment!!! Nameste!


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