Papa Luc to the rescue!!! Thanks Dad!

IMG_5763Even the name Papa Luc is sacred, as my dear friend Kevin Harrison named him that accordingly in 1995…..So today in 2015, 20 years later I find myself in a pickle. In the business of yesterday, which is part of Spring Break 2015 for Tristan (Papa Luc’s only grandson) an EPIC 3 hour bike ride was experienced. Well, I left the back hatch ajar and the dome light was on for 18 hours causing my battery to need a jump back to life this AM.

Of course I call Papa Luc, he is a life saver around the automobile and even though I have AAA. Papa brought his pair of jumper cables to boost my power in the dirty adventure wagon! Tristan and I even played frisbee and goal basketball while we waited on Papa’s arrival. Great stuff and such ease was brought on by Papa coming to the rescue!

I am blessed to have such an amazing DAD who has always been there for me, literally!!! Thank you Papa Luc for being so wonderful! Especially today in the NOW!  I love you dad!!!


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